The Salvation Army is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church with its own distinctive governance and practice. Its doctrine follows the mainstream of Christian belief and its articles of faith emphasise God’s saving purposes.

The Salvation Army in the Body of Christ
 is an ecclesiological statement published by Salvation Books, International Headquarters. In his foreword General Clifton says of this short publication: ‘It will be especially useful to those of us who are actively engaged in ecumenical relations and can readily be shared with others beyond our ranks if this will be an aid to mutual understanding. The Statement is not intended to say new things, but its purpose is to clarify and consolidate present global thinking on our identity within the wider Body of Christ.’

Download the booklet as a PDF file in English:
The Salvation Army in the Body of Christ – an Ecclesiological Statement
A statement issued by the International Headquarters of The Salvation Army by authority of the General, in consultation with the International Doctrine Council and the International Management Council.

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