Prayer is vital to the work of The Salvation Army and we take it very seriously.

Worldwide Prayer Meeting takes place every Thursday morning – people are encouraged to commit to a specific half-hour time slot and prayer for the mission of the international Salvation Army. The prayer meeting, introduced by General Linda Bond, has been likened to a ‘Mexican wave of prayer’, as it continues in each international time zone. Currently, 129 different countries are represented – thousands of people around the world pray each week.

Since January 2011 Salvationists from around the world have also been called to 24-7 Prayer. This involves united, focused intercession – the need for justice for the oppressed: a day-and-night cry for justice.

To help you spend daily time with God, we’ve selected a prayer for each day. We hope you will be inspired, helped and blessed by them. More than that, we pray that a quiet time with God becomes a regular fixture in your life.