Children’s Ministry in Georgia Division

Children`s Ministry in Georgia Division, Eastern Europe Territory, is a very important part of the overall ministry of the Division. Salvationists in Georgia believe that children deserve a better future. Children need to build a world where God’s Love and Harmony reigns: “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him…” (Matthew 12:35). This passage is one of the fundamentals Children’s Ministry in Georgia Division is built on.

Last summer in Georgia Division was an extremely busy period of time – there were lots of activities and summer camps organized for children, teenagers and young people. The number of attendees was extremely big, so they were organized in groups to make sure that as many as possible could rest, glorify the Lord and receive spiritual values ​​for their future.

Summer camps were full of performances with biblical characters, games, competitions, singing and interesting excursions. Visit to the Music Park was one of the most remarkable events children went to – they had an opportunity to  imagine themselves as great conductors next to the sculpture of Mozart, or next to the sculpture of a trumpeter – imagining themselves as brilliant performers. Imagination and desire – are the key to making dreams come true.

A summer camp for young Ukrainians in the picturesque resort of Ureka on the Black Sea coast is one of the ways to support Ukrainian families who are now on the verge of survival. Childhood should be happy with children’s fun. Salvationists embrace every child with their hearts, entertain them, and smiles return to the faces of children whose childhoods were invaded by war.

May the Lord bless the Salvation Army in Georgia in their ministry!

Words by Berezkin Ivan

The territory of Eastern Europe